Hello there!

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2009 at 11:55 pm

As you could probably see, this blog is not working anymore.

I`m keeping it the way it is since some of my favorite recipes are here. So, this blog will stay as it is, and hopefully it will be useful to people who stop by.

So, that`s it. Goodbye :)

  1. Hi there, Can I ask you why you have stop to write and share your recipes here? I love your blog and it’s simply great. Please change your mind and come back. Would love to hear from you.

  2. Hi Sonu,

    First- thanks for your nice comment.
    I`m going to the army in a few days, so I won`t have any time to post new recipes, let alone cook anything (or do something else that is not army related…). Maybe this blog will start working again after I`ll finish with the army, who knows… :)


    • Dear Naama, It’s great news from you that you are going to join Army. Really…I am surprised! I know that it’s mandatory in Israel country. But what happened to Asaf? Can’t your blog breath anyway? I am really going to miss you and your wonderful blog dear.
      Hope I can reach you anytime via your blog’s email address, if I have any question.
      I strongly wish you will back soon. :)
      All the best Naama for future endevour.
      Take care.

  3. Hi,

    Your comment is so nice, and I really don`t know what to say…
    I`ll check the blog`s email from time to time (if I`ll have any time), so feel free to ask anything!

    Again, thanks! :)


  4. Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words man. Totally made my day.

  5. hai iam new, when i gugling almond crispy then i found ur beautiful almond cookies, but sadly, i just came, n searching ur archive, but oh no, u stop it =(( i just hope, someday u will be back ^^, thx, warm regard, anyway, iam from indonesia ^^, take care N Gbu

  6. Hello, just would like to say that I accidentally found your site I think it’s absolutely lovely. :o))))) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and delicious recipes with other people. Don’t know if you’re still in the army but hope everything is ok. Good luck with everything and do not stop posting your lovely cooking ideas. Thanks again. Barbora Cernochova from the Czech Republic

  7. Thanks for the recipes. The Torta di Ricotta is my absolute favorite.

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