Hello there!

We know this is a bit unusual, but we want to introduce ourselves-

We are siblings, who live in Israel, and simply love to cook (though not too often with each other!).

Asaf, is a university student who lives in Jerusalem, and enjoys inventing new and surprising recipes.

He also loves to travel the world, to photograph, and to do intellectual things.

Naama, is a high school student, who lives in the northern part of Israel, and has a great passion for baking all kinds of things, and sometimes also enjoys cooking.

Naama is known for her slightly overrated addiction to gossip and shopping and also loves to travel the world.

Just to put things in perspective, our conversations usually go something like this-

Naama: “Oh look, my cake turned out better than yours.”

Asaf: “No it didn’t. I bake way better than you do.”

Naama: “No, you don’t.”

Asaf: “You wanna bet?”

So, now let’s get to the important stuff- the food.

Because we both love to cook, we figured we should share it with somebody (a.k.a- you). We hope that we can convey our passion for food in this blog (and if not, we hope that the pictures are decent…)

We would really appreciate your comments, and the most important thing- we hope you will enjoy this blog!

For any questions, contact us at:

Asaf, as seen recently

Asaf, as seen recently


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