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Rosmary Olive Bread

In Bread on September 9, 2008 at 10:00 am

My mother bought these great big kalamata olives in the market that is about 20 min. drive from my house. Imagine a market like all the exotic markets that you see in all kinds of traveling programs- markets full of spiced and little stores, fish stands, and stands packed with lamb and meat, vegetable and herbs- this market is pretty much the same.

So, after eating almost all of the olives, I had left with a few, and I was looking for some nice recipe for olive bread. I can’t say that this bread is the best olive bread that I’ve made, but maybe with some few adjustments it will be better. If you want to make this recipe, I would suggest reducing the salt and olive oil amounts. The bread was very salty, and it had a very strong flavor of olive oil (or maybe that was to point?).

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